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Just a group of innovative and energetic people working on giving you what you need to be a confident and effective leader. We may also just have the crazy notion that we could spearhead a leadership shift, maybe even an evolution.

The Berkley crew are an eclectic mix of baby boomers through to Gen Z. This fusion allows us to identify with the shifts in the way the workplace has evolved, what the mix of the workforce is and how the old and new transitions require a new outlook – an approach that will require greater levels of leadership skills to be in place than ever before. We are bold enough to look beyond the traditional opinions and models, and brave enough to build a whole new set of models and tools to help transition and equip the leaders that need to step up to the plate at all levels.

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Why is the EXP Leadership approach so different to anything you have seen -

The function of a leader is to take all the different and conflicting expectations in play, align them, synchronise and focus them all on a defined objective.

The function of a leader is to take all the different and conflicting expectations in play, align them, synchronise and focus them all on a defined objective.

There is a Blueprint that can help you navigate the complexities of leadership

At the heart of the philosophy, model and programme is the blending of the human behaviour realms and that of management fundamentals. Ethos resides within whatever the organisation or individuals subscribe to, but it is also built into the blueprint.

There is no need to understand psychology or deep management frameworks. The complexity is in the background and the simplicity is in the model itself.

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Achieve a high-performance culture through leadership DNA

The biggest challenge any organization has is the collection of ever-changing expectations, internally and external to the organisation. An aligned organisation has more harmony and less conflict. It has less fragmentation, less silo’s, more common focus, common and aligned efforts, greater efficiency and higher effectiveness. Leaders, whether natural or trained, have the ability to align stakeholders. Using the EXP Blueprint gives the organisation a genetic code that aligns, equips and supports the organisation to lead at all levels.

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One of our strengths is to help you evaluate the leadership culture of your organisation and make recommendation to how you can improve your leadership DNA and culture.

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Workshop facilitation

Whenever a new team is formed the process of forming, storming, norming and performing exists. An experienced Berkley facilitator will help you quickly align all players on your team.

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Simulation Programs

One of the things we have experienced is that once most people have completed a training course and returned to the frenetic busyness and pressure of the business day, under pressure they default to their old habits and fail to actively use their new skills.

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