Shaping the future through thought leadership and accessible further education and training for people of South African.


Guided by trends in the emerging markets, we will constantly strive to facilitate transformation and empowerment through skills development and life- long learning.


Charter’s success is founded on our unwavering commitment to making a difference in everything we do. Transformation, Empowerment and Continuous improvement are essential for a nation to progress. We value people –clients and students alike by respecting and embracing our cultural diversity through inclusiveness.


Face to face Classroom based

Charter is a firm believer of classroom-based training to enhance the learning experience. Our innovative training mediums supported by experience facilitators create on opportunity for interaction and shared experiences.


Conferences are a very effective means of imparting information and education and for ensuring that executives and professionals are kept abreast with all the latest information and trends affecting their profession. Conferencing has a very positive impact on personal and professional growth.


Virtual classrooms are fact becoming the most effective way of reaching large numbers of participants in a sustainable way. Our RE 5 course is our 1st on-line course offered in collaboration with UK Based VirtIX.