Charter consults on a range of inclusive banking and housing solutions.

Our focus on housing is driven by the  SA  Constitution commitment  ‘to adequate housing for all South Africans’. Our mission is to facilitate sustainable housing delivery through thought leadership, strategic know-how, and demonstration. We walk the talk.

  • Employer Based Housing: EAH models have the benefit of scale, improved risk management.
    Companies benefit from the safety and morale of staff leading to greater employment
    stability and productivity. We are accustomed to managing tri party relationships between
    banks, pension funds and corporates, including unions.
  • Product and Market Development Solutions-our solutions are aimed at de-risking housing
    markets, improving affordability and low-cost origination services.
  • Real Estate Platform Development and Incubation Models: Sustainable housing delivery can
    be achieved through strategic technology capability coupled with simplified processes and
    communication. Technology led real estate solutions provides the best option for achieving
    scale, efficiency in parallel with our goals for empowerment and transformation in the real
    estate and affordable housing markets.
  • Housing Policy and Subsidy ………Sustainable housing delivery can be achieved
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