DCSC-M-2 is a versatile mobile filter unit designed for extraction of dust and fumes from a temporary or mobile workstations. Capacity of the unit is enough for two extraction arms.

DCSC-M-2 is equipped with filter cleaning system of high efficiency that allow cleaning filter cartridge of the unit without interruption of working process. Filter cleaning system requires connection to external compressed air supply or can be equipped with built-in air compressor.

DCSC-M-2 unit is suitable for continuous indoor operation under the following environmental conditions: ambient temperature from +10 to 45°C and relative humidity of 80% at at 25°C.

Industries and applications
• Welding fumes
• Light dry dust applications
• Smells and welding gazes (with carbon filter)

DCSC-M-2 is not suitable for extraction of dust generated by sand-paper and other paper-based abrasives grinding or polishing applications. Unit is not suitable for operation in the presence of dust or aerosols of explosive substances or aggressive vapors and gazes.

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