The Write Stuff

Focused training delivered by an experienced all-rounder

Business-Writing Workshop

Ultimately, there’s no such thing as email writing, report writing, proposal writing, etc; it’s all just writing – and it’s either clear or unclear. Learn the fundamentals of clarity, and how to apply it to all your documentation.

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Media-Writing Workshop

Publicising your company in the media is not about banging out an ill-conceived press release that will almost certainly be deleted; rather, it’s about developing the mindset of a journalist. Learn how to identify legitimate story ideas and turn them into publishable copy.

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Blog-Design Masterclass

Properly designed and intelligently written, a corporate blog can give your company a voice to reach customers, manage reputation and even influence public policy. Learn how to start a blog, how to write for it and how to maximise its ability to advance your company’s agenda.

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