About Our Company

About Our Company

SpinClean Laundry is a business that specializes in providing Individual and Corporate Dry Cleaning, Laundry Services and other related services such as Shoe Repair, Sneaker Cleaning and Alterations of Garments.

About Us

Our Services

  • Laundry Services
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Pressing
  • Leather and Suede Care
  • Pick-Up and Delivery Services
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Why SpinClean Laundry ?

  • All your garments are safe with us.
  • Same Day Service.
  • Simple
  • Convenient and time saving
  • Our service is more affordable
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What We Do

Pressing Services

SpinClean Laundromat press your garments for you to impress. Our dry cleaning process gives our customers 100% assurance to get the best results when it comes to pressing clothing.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning

We clean everything: table cloths, blankets, duvets, wedding gowns, shirts and other laundry clothing. SpinClean Laundromat care for all your dry cleaning needs by utilizing state of art machinery

Leather & Suede Care

Our dry cleaning service have the expertise to keep leather and suede alive through nurturing and conditioning. A special process of cleaning and removing odours.



Spinclean Laundry is committed to the idea that all fabrics will be returned to the customers as good as new. We check the quality of the fabric and come up with the best way of washing it. We always thrive to present to the customer a stain free, odour free, soft and crisp final product.