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About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2015, Thrive aims to provide opportunities to young South Africans who have a desire to further their studies but who cannot afford to do so. Following an application process, successful students are provided with financial support calculated on a needs and affordability basis. In addition, Thrive students may, upon request, be allocated a mentor who is positioned to provide academic and/or spiritual support.

Thrive aims to facilitate both the acquisition of industry knowledge and the soft skills required to succeed in a particular industry. Once a student has graduated, s/he is required to give back to Thrive either through financial contributions or by mentoring younger students.

Consideration of applications

  • Thrive will consider all applications received but reserves the right to make selections according to its own pre-set criteria.
  • Thrive may ask for an interview with the applicant or his/her family before making a decision.
  • An applicant may not request Thrive to provide reasons for unsuccessful applications.
  • Successful applicants undertake to the best of their ability to use the skills and knowledge attained during tertiary studies to contribute towards building a better South Africa.

Criteria for applicants

  • South African and 18 years or older.
  • Have been accepted to tertiary studies at an accredited institution and need financial assistance.
  • Undertake to ‘give back’ in some way to Thrive following their studies.

Available funding

  • Funding can be limited to tuition fees but can extend to cover costs of textbooks, transport, registration, and living expenses, depending on applicants’ needs and Thrive’s ability to meet them.
  • Tuition and registration fees will be paid by Thrive directly to the applicable tertiary institution; transport, textbook and living costs will be paid directly to the applicant upon presentation of relevant invoice(s).

About Managing Committee

The management of Thrive vests in its Management Committee. The Committee is made up of private individuals who are admitted to the Committee by majority vote and share a desire to invest in education in South Africa. All educated in South Africa, Thrive Management Committee members are passionate about education and dedicate themselves to contributing to further education for those who cannot afford education. Members exercise their powers in accordance with the Constitution of the Association and ordinarily meet as a Committee on a quarterly basis. Decisions on the applications received by Thrive are taken by majority vote.

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