Our Services

Something that we believe our service can offer you.


Design is the flesh and bones of any creative endeavor. It involves taking an idea and realising it. Our design team is creative, qualified, innovative and breath life into a host of brilliant ideas.


Animation has been fascinatng kids and adults alike for decades, and it thus as important part of modern society. Understanding this, our animation put exactly the right mix of love and professionalism into each project.

Video Development

As technology progresses, the world is becoming more obsessed with video content. With the readiness and availability of video content in multiple media, video production is more important now that it has ever been.

Totality is a marketing and creative content production studio that uses beautiful creative to support big and small ideas

Who We Are

We are agile and have extensive experience with quick turn around times, making us more relevant then ever in todays “instant gratification” society.

While we refuse to compromise on quality of service and deliverables, we have found this can be taxing on us as a company, but it is the fuel that motivates and drives us. Time is money, and who has either of those in todays time? Come to us with your budget and ideas and we will find a way to make it work, just ask our clients.

Totality has a level 2 BBBEE rating and as the company grows, we will look to improve on this level so the growth and development of previously disadvantaged creatives have the opportunity to grow and thrive in the field they want.