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What is MEGA FLIGHT DEALS you ask? Well, MEGA FLIGHT DEALS is your one stop for non-stop cheap flights!
Yes, low-cost domestic and international flights – easy on the pocket; cost next to nothing; el cheapo! MEGA FLIGHT DEALS provides an online booking facility for low-priced flights including South African Airways (SAA), British Airways (BA), Mango, Kulula, FlySafair, SA Airlink and even that airline your work colleague Rodney keeps going on about. We’ve made it easy for you to find the cheapest domestic and international flights, online.
And do you honestly like spending a fortune on an airline seat? Half of the fare probably goes to Lionel Messi and Nicole Kidman, right? Stop paying for expensive flights if you don’t need to. As South Africa’s leading domestic and international flights site, book marked-down domestic flights now, through a quick, easy to use interface, something your dapper great-grandfather could’ve only dreamed of! What do you usually pay for a domestic flight? What if you could get that same flight for only a few bucks? We’re no John D. Rockefeller, but that sounds like a good deal.
We know what you’re thinking. This is the best thing since the Wright brothers flew the world’s first successful airplane. You might be right. We weren’t there so it’s hard to say. We do know that if you’re looking for great airline deals, domestic flights or international flights that you can compare and book online, MEGA FLIGHT DEALS is the place to be. Did we mention the low fares you can find on this site?
book-cheap-flights-02 (1)
Even philosopher Nick Jonas once said: “But I never really know just where to find you…” Was he referring to the search for cheap domestic flights in advance, to secure the best deals with local airlines? Who knows! Frank Sinatra sang “Fly Me to the Moon”, but we can’t really help you with that. That’s more of a Richard Branson and Elon Musk thing.
So stop paying for overpriced airline tickets and start deciding where you’re going to pile all those Randela’s we’ll be saving you. This is MEGA FLIGHT DEALS, your one stop for non-stop cheap flights.

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