It is important to understand the benefits of adding your listing to Little Listings. Online advertising can be intimidating and confusing to some people. Please see below the few reasons we feel it’s the best advertising method for your company to date.

1. Geolocation

One of the many benefits of Little Listings is that it functions based on your location. A convenient location to busy parents is priceless. Your specific geographic location will allow you to attract parents from within your area. Your business will more likely feature as an irresistibly convenient stop for parents on route to work/gym/the grocery store etc.

2. Review & Rating

Our review and rating page is a powerful selling tool. Parents trust other parent’s suggestions and opinions. Rating will provide parents with security and peace of mind (a parenting essential). When a parent writes a review it is sent automatically to you for your approval. This functionality is good overall for your Google ranking.

3. Use as a Website

Add a customised listing to Little Listings and use it as a mini website with all the necessary information needed to give your business exposure.
Company Logo *Cover Photo * Introduction * Gallery * Video * Operation hours *Address * Map Location * Direction to Location * Contact Details *Social Media Profiles. This gives the parents a good idea of all that you can offer!

4. Powerful Admin Panel

The admin panel allows you to easily maintain and update your profile. Within your profile you can find the following: * Billing Details * Orders & Invoices *Listings * Add Listing * Listing Reviews  * Listings Statistics. The number of daily viewers on your listing is also shown. We use a secure payment gateway and allow the user to cancel their subscription at any time.

5. Online Marketing

We have teamed up with The Web Shack, a company who specialise in Online Marketing. In simple terms, they will work at pushing your ranking higher on Google. This will create more online awareness for you and will improve the Google rating of your personal website.

6. Linkbacks

A linkback is another benefit of using Little Listings as this will help better your personal website on Google. A linkback is a link from Little Listings to your personal website and then from your personal website back to Little Listings. Google picks up these links. Our support team will assist with linkback set up.

7. Be found locally

Gone are the days of advertising through the local newspaper, yellow pages or phone books. Internet search has fully taken over! The Web Shack will optimise your presence on Google for local viewing through Google Plus and other efficient techniques.

8. Full Support

Although Little Listings is user friendly we all need a little help from time to time. Your listing is our priority. We offer set up support to make sure that your profile and listing is designed and laid out in the best way possible in order to attract parents to your page. Along with The Web Shack we also offer full online support.

9. How to Add a Listing

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