Hydrostatic steering units and motors

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Commercial Shearing stocks a wide range of hydrostatic steering units and hydraulic motors. The steering units and motors are used on various types of machines and systems in the fields of agriculture, industrial, mining and earth moving industries.

Hydraulic motors (Gerolor Motors – EPRM)

The hydraulic motors are used to drive various units on agricultural machines, fans and extrusion machines in engineering where an infinitely variable speed regulation and mounting flexibility are required. These motors are designed for low speed, high torque applications and in some cases can be mounted directly onto the vehicle wheels. The motors are available in displacements of 50 to 500 cc/rev, with a peak pressure of up to 30 MPa and a maximum speed of 2450 rpm with a variety of mounting flanges and shafts.

Hydrostatic steering units (steering valves – HKU/HKUS)

The hydrostatic steering units are used on low speed vehicles, forklifts, tractors, mining machines and harvesters. The steering units are available in displacements of 50 to 800 cc/rev and can either be open or closed centre with load and non-load reaction.

The HKU range of steering units with radial distribution, incorporate two rotary tracing units in the housing, which turn on a metering pump. The HKU range of steering units are available with a ‘Closed Centre – Noon Load Reaction’ hydrostatic steering unit, which is designed for integration into systems with built-in Hydro accumulator, achieving minimal energy losses.

The HKUS range of steering units are based on the HKU range but have built-in relief and check valves, thus making it one compact steering unit that reduces the need for additional hydraulic components in the system. The HKUS range expands the steering unit family with the ‘closed centre – non reaction and load sensing outlet’ version (static hydraulic connection to the priority valve). This type of HKUS is manufactured in two versions. The first is designed to be connected with priority valves with built-in valves for a flow rate up to 160 l/min. The second version of the steering units is designed to ensure minimal energy consumption in various hydraulic systems such as forklift truck, agricultural and construction machines.