guiding all learners to the maximum of their potential

DCEG (Destiny Changers Education Group) was created with the dream goal of making a significant contribution to addressing the educational shortcomings in South Africa.

Private School

In class / Online Learning

Small Classes

Passionate Qualified Teachers

Learner Centred

The following schools and home schools form part of DCEG (Destiny Changers Education Group)

Greenacres Private College
Greenacres Home School Academy
Grade 8 – 12

Destiny Independent School
Destiny Home School Academy
Grade 1- 12
Kempton Park

Broadlands School
Broadlands Home School Academy
Grade RRR-7

Impact Independent High School
Impact Home School Academy
Grade 8 – 12

Dream Distance Education
Dream Distance Home School Academy
Destiny Changers Home School Academy
Lowveld Home School Academy

Who We Are...

We aim to ensure that all our learners, through their experience in our schools, are influenced positively and meaningfully.  We strive to make a lasting impact on their future lives and careers through DCEG Learn and DCEG Pillars, as well as by creating an environment of familiness.

DCEG offers learners a distinct advantage through DCEG LEARN and DCEG PILLARS.

We speak of these features as our “purple cow”, it’s what set us apart. DCEG Pillars and DCEG Learn are the reason parents choose to entrust our schools with their children’s academic, personal, emotional, social, life and professional skills development.

Impact 17
Broadlands Gen 5

Guiding all learning to the maximum of their potential

In everything we do, we stand by our core values, and these values run through and are upheld in all the schools in our brand.

Impact 31
Impact 21
Destiny Gen 14


DCEG Schools create a family atmosphere. Where everybody, learners, and staff alike, feel safe and secure. Our desire is that everyone who walks through our doors feels free to express themselves and discover and develop their own unique personality and character; within the knowledge that they will be accepted and cared for in failure and success.​ It is in this environment of Familiness that encouragement is given, but clear boundaries are also put in place.

Real Learning

At DCEG we believe that Learning and Development has an influence for life. We do not just want to prepare learners for their next test or exam, but rather to prepare learners to succeed in life and careers. We approach all teaching, coaching, guiding, advising and interacting with this long-term development in mind.

Broadlands Gen 10
Impact 18
Impact 10
Impact 5
Destiny Gen 9
Destiny Gen 3

Whole Learner Development

DCEG focuses on developing all the areas of life in each learner, irrespective of their specific strength and talent. We encourage achievement and competitiveness, but our core value is to ensure that we do develop all areas in each learner.

Deep and Mutual Respect

Without exception, DCEG holds all staff and learners to the core value of deep and mutual respect for one another. We treat everyone with unreserved respect, despite their behaviour. We teach our learners through words and behaviour to develop intrinsic respect standards and live according to the standards. ​

Destiny Gen 25
Impact 23
Broadlands Gen 21