Who We Are

Eastwick Stud Farm is a self sustained and proud Nguni farm on the outskirts of Hartbeespoort.  It is a genetic bloodline farm where our current breed stands in excess of 200 Nguni cattle.  We focus on holistic Pasteur management and practice non hormone injection.  The farm has been in the hands of the Lötter family for 14 years, and we take pride in the love for our trade.

Our main aim is to breed the characteristics required to improve the lineage of the herd.  Improved Nguni cattle have …..heights at withers of 135cm for bulls and 125cm for cows….. (mention other characteristics). We have managed to achieve weights of …., heights of…..

Eastwick Stud Farm is registered with the South African Stud Book and Animal Improvement Association, and have passed the Parentage Verification Testing.


About the Nguni Cattle

The Nguni is a breed that has adapted to the African environment over many years.  It displays functional characteristics, such as being smaller in size which enables it to live in the Highveld regions of Africa.

Bulls are medius sized and can weigh anywhere between 500-600kg.  They are muscular and the scrotum is well developed with good pigmentation and thermo regulatory function.  The cows are smaller and weigh between 300-400kg.  They are feminine and have a distinctive sloping rump, which ensures ease of calving.

Hide patterns and horn shapes differentiate these animals, and means that no animal is alike.  This is why this breed is so distinctive from other breeds. They are hardy animals – they are heat and light tolerant and can handle extreme heat and cold alike.

There hides are sleek and glossy which prevents ticks from  attaching itself to the animal.  Furthermore they posess excellent resistance to internal and external parasites with a natural immunity to tick borne diseases.

See our Auction Page for our current lot going on auction.