Who We Are

Company Overview

At Etlin, with over 350 permanent Employees and over 200 contract workers, we boast with 30 years experience in the frozen meat import industry.

We have a longstanding relationship with suppliers in over 23 countries. Sno*Link, our fully integrated business partner with strategically located cold storage facilities, have pallet space for over 23 000 pallets.  Our distribution network delivers to a variety of delivery points in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our customers include Wholesalers, Butcheries, Independent Retailers and Food Services. We offer frozen products from a full truckload to a single box to be delivered to your preferred destination.

We are always striving to tailor-make our customer requirements by understanding their needs and adapting our products and services accordingly. We source and supply a wide range of products including MDM, Poultry, Beef, Pork, Mutton, Vegetables, Fries and Fish.

Innovation is a priority for us. We are always looking at ways to improve our services to the market with products that meet our customers’ needs.

With over 3 decades of experience, we are placed among the leaders of our industry. What truly sets us apart is the values which we live by as a company.

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Our Values

We are authentic about what we do, we value honesty and integrity.
We know that people are the inherent value of business, and place value on our relationships.
We believe that winning will only come when we work as a team.
Respect is a fundamental value that underpins all our interactions and conduct.
Customers are a central priority in all that we do.

Etlin International (Pty) Ltd is a leading frozen food specialist