Cold Storage & Distribution


Etlin has an integrated warehouse, cold store & distribution partner named Sno*Link Logistics. The Sno*Link warehouses and cold stores are strategically situated close to the main ports to serve the import and export markets. These stores have a combined capacity of more than 23 000 pallet spaces.

 All of the cold stores have the following accreditation:

Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP);
Food Safety Assessment (FSA);
ZA for export; and
Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB).

The Sno*Link fleet of refrigerated and non-refrigerated vehicles deliver a multi-temperature solution which ensures enhanced customer service, improved scheduling, flexibility and guaranteed capacity.

Each vehicle is fitted with advanced fleet management systems, which enables the controllers to view the vehicle via live streaming. Temperature monitoring devices were installed into the trucks to ensure our customers receive their products uncompromised and in full.

“Sno*Link has broken every barrier set in the cold storage industry; we are service orientated and customer focused. The words ‘no’ or ‘we can’t’ simply do not exist in our Etlin dialogues.”  – Christopher Nulliah, Logistics Director.

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Shipping, Forwarding & Clearing


Intercontinental Shipping is another integrated business partner to Etlin International, which provides forwarding, clearing and shipping solutions. Intercontinental Shipping was established in the late 1990’s as a clearing and forwarding company, moving cargo across all parts of the world. Over the past decade, the company has prospered and grown, establishing multinational operational offices, while expanding their focus to include the clearing and forwarding of reefer cargo globally.

All customs clearing and forwarding is handled out of the Pretoria offices, whilst shipping and logistics operations are close to the ports in Durban and Cape Town, facilitating a smooth and efficient flow of product through the logistical process. Intercontinental Shipping is a long-standing member of The South African Association of Freight Forwarders (Membership No. SN4223) and support their mission.

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To maintain the highest ethical and professional standards
and to be mindful of the need to foster public trust and confidence in the forwarding and clearing industry.



Etlin International (Pty) Ltd owns a Production facility in Durban.

The facility produces a variety of customised products for our customers, including IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) meat and IQF vegetables.

We aim to empower independent butcheries and retailers to offer their own brand to the market. Contact Antoinette Horwood at our Durban offices for more information.

Etlin International (Pty) Ltd is a leading frozen food specialist