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Etlin Imports Poultry items

We are importers of  all cuts(bone in and boneless),offal items as well as whole hens sourced globally.Herewith a list of items we secure from Europe, USA , South America and Canada.

Whole Hens | Chicken Carcasses and Backs | Chicken Leg Quarters | Chicken Drumsticks | Chicken Drumettes | Chicken Thighs | 3JT Chicken Wings A Grade | 3JT Chicken Wings B Grade | Chicken Wing Miscuts | Chicken MDM | Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless | Chicken  Inner Fillets Boneless Skinlee | Chicken Drum Meat Boneless Skin On | Chicken Leg Meat Boneless Skin On | Chicken Breast Skins | Chicken Necks  Skin On | Chicken Necks Skinless | Chicken Livers | Chicken Gizzards | Chicken Hearts | Chicken Tails | Chicken  Feet

We are also importers of Turkey Item from Europe, Canada, USA and Brazil and import the following items:

Tom Turkey Drumsticks | Hen Turkey Drumettes | Turkey Tails | Turkey Necks Skinless | 3JT Tom Turkey  Wings \ Turkey Skins

*Please note that we have  a variety of different  packaging sizes as well as halal certifications depending on the County of Origin.*