Below you can find our products. We can also source additional products on request of our customers.


Etlin Imports Beef Offal items

Herewith a list of items we secure from Europe, USA, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Beef Tails | Beef Kidney | Beef Hearts Boneless | Beef Body Fat | Beef Hearts As Grown | Beef Tongue Root Trimmings Hyoid Bone out | Beef Lip Meat

*Please note that we have a variety of different packaging sizes as well as halal certifications depending on  the country of origin.*


Etlin Imports Fries items

Established in 1935 and due to the climate and terrain provides fries of unrivalled quality. We import the following Fries from Lutosa in Belgium.Lutosa was

Fries 12 mm | Fries 10 mm | Fries 7 mm | Fries 12 mm Crinkle Cut

We offer a variety of value added products for the foodservice industry:

Hashbrowns | Croquettes | Mash Potatoes | Onion Rings | Veggies Burgers


Etlin Imports Vegetable items

We import  the  following vegetables from Darta in Belgium. Due to our longstanding relationship we also pack  private labels for among other, Cambridge store and Woolworth’s.

Below follows a list of products that we import:

Mixed Vegetables | Country Mix | Chunky Mix | Baby Carrots | Peas | Corn | Cauliflower | Broccoli | Spinach

Price Label lines:

Woolworth’s Basmati Rice | Woolworth’s Savory Rice | Woolworth’s Wild Mushroom Risotto | Woolworth’s Cheese Rissotto | Woolworth’s Mash Potatoes


Etlin Imports Prok items

Etlin believes in supporting the Local pork Market and Offers a Wide range of Local Pork Products.Where customer require it,we import the following Pork items from Canada, Europe and Brazil:

Pork Legs DDD | Pork Shoulders DDD | Pork Bellies | Pork Spareribs | Pork Loin Ribs | Pork Riblets(meaty) | Pork Loin Rib Tips |Pork Skins/Rinds |Pork Trotters | pork Back Fat Rindless | Pork Cutting Fat | Pork Livers | Pork Heart Slashed and Washed | Pork Tails

Etlin International (Pty) Ltd is a leading frozen food specialist