Monthly Archives: June 2017

Blueprint flowers for an indigenous blue palette garden

Written by: Jade Calder In nature, blue is the colour of the sky and sea. When one thinks of blue skies and azure blue seas, it is associated with peace and tranquility above everything else. Universally, it is considered the most popular colour of them all. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body as…
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Interview with SAGIC chairlady, Ida-Marie Strydom

This year the SAGIC SANA convention is taking place in the Drakensberg from the 12th to 15th June. The first SAGIC convention, 17 years ago in 2000, was held at the same venue. This year’s green theme is Back to your Roots.   The South African Green Industries Council (SAGIC) is an umbrella organisation that…
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Coastal landscaping with indigenous beach-dwelling flora

Much like gardening, salt water can provide a cure for almost anything, or at least at Life Landscapes we think so. However, these two therapeutic past-times don’t mix well. The ocean has been an endless source of stories, adventure and turmoil for mankind and endless problems for landscapers planting a garden with an ocean view.…
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