Deighton Clegg


Deighton is at home amidst a flurry of activity around his desk, like a lotus flower that blossoms in muddy water. Cool, calm and collected, he is a brilliant landscaper and the brains of the operation. He is a quiet and softly spoken leader who has an X-ray stare that keeps all employees in check. As a rule he likes meetings to be restricted to 45 minutes in length. Born in Durban and fluent in isiZulu, Deighton studied Horticulture and has been in the gardening industry in South Africa for 40 years.

His favourite South African plant: Erica nana (Erica nana)
His favourite indigenous tree: Monkey-thorn tree (Acacia galpinii)
He believes that gardens are so important because… “Gardens soothe the soul.”


Oscar Lockwood


Passionate about plants and the environment, Oscar thrives on helping the world to understand the importance of gardens. A creative spirit and an ideas man, Oscar is the bellwether in the South African landscaping industry. We can guarantee he doesn’t have the time or inclination to stop to smell the roses - mainly because he is only interested in indigenous planting! Oscar was born and raised in Johannesburg and comes from a farming family. He has been gardening for 35 years.

His favourite South African plant: All the stapeliads
His favourite indigenous tree: White pear (Apodytes dimidiata)
He believes that gardens are so important because… “Gardening is the second most popular pastime in the world, after fishing. As people become more urbanised, they need a garden to touch the soil. In the end, a garden brings people back to nature.”

Ida-Marie Strydom


The grass doesn’t have a chance to grow under Ida’s feet, as she is always moving so fast. Ida is the Contracts Director who takes care of our installation department and oversees the Pretoria area. She is the only woman who can rock a landscaping site with style. She trained with Deighton and, after winning the award for Business Women of the Year for the Johannesburg region in 2014, she was made the chairwomen of SAGIC in 2016. Ida is Pretoria born and has been in the landscaping industry for 20 years.

Her favourite South African plant: Cooper’s aloe (Aloe cooperi)
Her favourite indigenous tree: River indigo (Indigofera jucunda)
She believes that gardens are so important because… “Gardens help the eco-system and are important for the human psyche.”

Rob Lewis

Chief Financial Officer (CA (SA))

Back in the office, Rob makes sure the finances are handled root and branch. Rob joined the company in 2006, having previously run his own accounting practice of which Deighton and Oscar were clients. Rob handles all Life Green Group accounts with his kind and logical manner, which is much appreciated and needed in the group.

His favourite South African plant: All orchids
His favourite indigenous tree: Forest bushwillow (Combretum kraussii)
He believes that gardens are so important because… “We are surrounded by stark buildings; some more architecturally beautiful than others. But Mother Nature brings her own beauty, her own colours, her own sense of peace that softens our concrete jungles. The change of the seasons, with the change of colours, always amazes me – especially in October in Pretoria when the jacaranda trees are in bloom.”