Add life to dull office walls with vibrant and thriving oases. Greenwalls are a key aspect of green office spaces. Also known as eco-walls, living walls or vertical walls, Greenwalls are a growing trend, especially in small areas. Along with rooftop gardens, they help to provide cleaner air and have energy-efficient thermal insulation properties.

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“The only way is up.” – Yazz

Trust Life Indoors to create an engineering masterpiece in your environment and prepare to be blown away by its impactful design and visual appeal. Greenwalls make excellent use of limited space and resources and give business and retail premises added flair and a competitive edge.  Talk to us about how a fixed or mobile Greenwall  can move your venue into the future and provide you with abundant benefits, including the following:

  • Greening your building
  • Visual support for enhanced brand value and corporate identity
  • On-trend design and visual appeal for employees and visitors
  • Physical and emotional benefits from thriving plant life (filtered and cleaner air, eliminating germs, odours and harmful pollutants)
  • Stress reduction and enhanced productivity
  • Cost-effective landscaping
  • Smart use of limited space
  • Especially effective in certain areas (such as designated smoking areas, where plants help to filter out harmful pollutants and unpleasant odours)


Life Types of Greenwalls

  • Large custom-designed interior greenwalls.
  • LivePicture greenwalls.
  • Free-standing greenwalls.
  • Exterior greenwalls (through our Life Landscapes division).

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Life Indoors has a dedicated team that will maintain your Greenwall or rooftop garden, along with its irrigation system. We will take care of your plants through regular cleaning, grooming, fertilising, pest control and feeding.  Some of our most successful and celebrated Greenwall installations of varying shapes and sizes can be seen at Dainfern Square, SMC, Clientèle Life Head Office, Westfalia Fruit, Cristal Solutions, University of Tshwane and Rosebank Corner.