Office Plants

Life Indoors provides a wide range of indoor office plants, sourced from reputable plant growers across South Africa.  Our indoor plants are luscious, healthy, acclimatised and readily available. In providing you with indoor plantscaping, we carefully consider the following:

  • An acclimatised range of indoor plants that best suit your environment
  • An analysis of cost effective solutions tailored to your budget
  • An innovative and hassle-free installation phase
  • A comprehensive maintenance plan
  • Service excellence from skilled teams of individuals with a strong passion for plant care, health and safety and service delivery

Browse through our image gallery to find the plant container that best suits your office. 

In addition to plants and plant maintenance, Life Indoors also offers custom-designed containers for purchase or rental. We can also maintain or upgrade your existing office plants as part of our maintenance plan. Whenever required and in line with budgets, we replace old plants and replenish indoor gardens to ensure that your indoor spaces are always fresh, abundant and full of life.

“Plants in offices have a positive effect on individual’s health and sense of well-being.” – Professor Dr. Tove Fjeld

When needed, Life Indoors works closely with interior designers, space planners, landscape architects, project managers, facility mangers, property developers, architects and business owners. With all our clients, we ensure that we deliver visually-appealing indoor plants that complement your corporate identity and enhance your working spaces. We are always mindful of staying on budget while aiming to meet and exceed your expectations.

IPSA and Interior Plantscapers

IPSA is the only registered professional body representing Interior Plantscapers
and suppliers in South Africa. IPSA provides technical information and support
to both its members and members’ clients. All IPSA members are subject to
rigorous vetting procedures, so by using an IPSA affiliated plantscaping
company, you know that you are working with a reputable and professional

The Green Building Council and Office Plants

The Green Building Council (GBCSA) is an independent, non-profit
organisation that formed in 2007 to lead the greening of South Africa’s
man-made environment. The primary focus of GBCSA is to bring green star
quality to interior environments in South Africa. The new green star rating
requirements include: a reduction in formaldehyde usage; Voc reduction and
removal; individual comfort; carbon emission reductions and, of course, more
office plants.

Life Indoor's Office plant technicians:

Life Indoors strives to ensure an optimal horticulture standard is constantly
maintained when it comes to handling the plants on site. Life Indoors technicians:

  • Receive continual health and safety training.
  • Present clients with reports that are documented and signed off by members of the team on a regular basis.
  • Have a valid police clearance certificates.
  • Wear a uniform at all times during business hours.
  • Have corporate photo identity cards.
  • Undergo continual horticulture training.