Plant Rental

Life Indoors offers long-term rental options for indoor plants and pots. We provide a variety of healthy, mature and acclimatised indoor plants, giving you a cost-effective and hassle-free opportunity to enjoy the maximum benefits of beautiful surroundings.

“Use plants to bring life.” – Douglas Wilson

Indoor plants are an impactful form of décor. Plants are also very effective at absorbing noise pollution and can be used as an active form of crowd control, especially in large gatherings.

Long-term indoor plant rental

Long-term plant rental is ideal for clients who want the benefit of indoor plants without having to take responsibility for pots and plant-care.  With a cost-effective maintenance plan, Life Indoors can provide you with the following trusted services:

  • Plants and pots that remain in tip-top condition
  • Dedicated and trained plant technicians who regularly water, dust, clean and prune plants
  • Plant technioians who maintain optimal soil levels, bark chips, pebbles and plastic chips
  • Pest control programmes to prevent insects and plant disease
  • Replacement of deteriorated plants, at no additional cost to you

Our technicians go through stringent horticulture training programmes on a
regular basis at a Seta registered training college. All technicians have a valid
police clearance certificate and are fully dressed in our corporate uniform while
servicing the plants.

Life Indoors also offers an indoor plant maintenance service for interior plants
that already exist on the premises and are owned by the client.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can enhance your interior space with a wide range of indoor plants. We can advise you on plant choice, purchases, plant hire and creative ways to boost well-being and green your environment. We’ll help you get back to nature, breathe in clean air and enjoy Life!

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