Bird Aviary

A bird aviary can be an interesting extension of a garden, attracting people to your premises. Life Landscapes can install and maintain any corporate bird aviary, permit permitting. We will take care to plant the correct types of trees to suit the desired birds, from non-indigenous parrots to wetland birds such as flamingos. We have close connections with some of South Africa’s leading bird parks, including Umgeni River Bird Park in Durban and Montecasino Bird Gardens in Johannesburg, so we have proven experience in maintaining internationally-renowned bird aviaries.  We also manage the birds and bird aviary at Sun City.


We have experience with the following birds in and out the aviary:

  • birds of prey
  • bushveld birds
  • Fruit-eating birds - bulbuls, parrots, mousebirds, turacos and barbets
  • Insect-eating birds - cuckoos and hoopoes
  • Nectar-loving birds - sunbirds
  • Seed-eaters - weavers and bee-eaters
  • Wetland birds - flamingos, ducks, geese and swans

We also assist clients to attract more birds to your office garden using bird baths, seed stations and bird-attracting trees.

bird-garden-south africa

Outside of the aviary, we can assist with:

  • Bird attracting trees
  • Creating bird gardens
  • Nesting logs and owl boxes
  • Pigeon control
  • Roosting trees

Life Landscapes takes care of the birds and the entire bird aviary ecosystem, including duikers, rabbits or any other land mammal on the floor of the aviary. We only work with reputable organisations when sourcing birds and small animals for aviaries and office gardens.

Life Landscapes does not assist with the acquiring of the permit. An organisation cannot have a bird aviary in a public space without a valid permit.