Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

Life Landscapes has a dedicated irrigation department that tends to the watering wishes of all our landscaping and Life Sports Turf maintenance clients. They will also respond quickly to any reported leaks or breakages.

Life Landscapes will check for

  • broken and stolen heads,
  • clogged nozzles,
  • incorrect spray arcs,
  • leaking valves,
  • misaligned spray,
  • overspray,
  • pressure problems,
  • seal leaks,
  • sunken heads, and
  • tilted heads.

Controllers are often pre-set with two programmes for the different seasons, which will need to be adjusted accordingly on the controller. In winter, plants need less water as the temperatures are cooler and there is less evaporation. A plant’s lifecycle also slows down in the cooler months. Gardens should not be watered at night or too early in the morning in winter as the plants can freeze.

In summer, you are watering to make up for the heat and high evaporation rates. It is best to water gardens in the early morning and the lawn during the day to cool it down. It is also important to make sure rain and moisture sensors are working properly to avoid overwatering and wasting water.

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.”  - W. H. Auden

Irrigation and sprinkler systems

Irrigation is the method by which you apply water to gardens. A sprinkler is the device used to distribute the water.

Life Landscapes works with six different types of irrigation systems:

  • Canon sprinklers
  • Drip irrigation
  • Greenwall irrigation
  • Mist pipes
  • Pop-up sprinklers
  • Riser pipes

Lawn and flowerbed sprinklers must be set on different zones (stations) on the controller. Lawn should be watered during the day as All Seasons Evergreen® needs to be cooled to stop it overheating. Flowers, on the other hand, can be watered at night or early in the morning to reduce evaporation rate. Never water between 12pm and 3pm as the water droplets on plants act like a magnifying glass for the sun’s rays and will burn the plants. 50% of the irrigation water also evaporates before the plants even have a chance to absorb it.

Water saving irrigation tips

  • Check sprinklers are not watering paved areas or generally wasting water.
  • Ensure there are no leaks.
  • Install a drip irrigation system.
  • Install rain and moisture sensors.
  • Monitor the drainage.
  • Set timer to times of day that have low evaporation rates.

This service is exclusively for Life Landscapes and Life Sports Turf maintenance clients. Life Landscapes can install irrigation on sport fields and golf courses, as well as in gardens. We do not design, install, maintain or upgrade irrigation or sprinkler systems for domestic households.