Life Landscapes provides clients with a broad range of paving services. We offer clay pavers, cement pavers and concrete pavers, in varying strengths and sizes. We can advise clients on what would be best for their landscaping design and their budget. Pavers are ideal for borders on flower beds, for gardens, courtyards and for demarcating lawn areas.


In addition to these options, Life Landscapes can make mulch for wood chip paths, which create an environmentally-friendly pathway useful for sites in low rainfall areas and spaces with invasive trees that can be mulched. We also specialise in paving made from grass blocks, which is ideally suited for parking lots. Grass blocks are porous, allowing grass to grow in their grooves, with rainwater absorbed directly into the ground. The grass sits low enough in the blocks so that the blades and roots are not damaged by cars or foot traffic.


Life Landscapes recommends your paved area or pathways to be at least 1.5 metres long and ideally two metres wide to allow for three lanes of foot traffic. This also protects plants on the periphery, allowing for attractive flowerbeds.


What to plant to keep staff and clients on the right track:

  • Plant aloes in corners or to block shortcuts.
  • Grow kei apples (Dovyalis caffra) as these fruit baring shrubs have thorns.
  • The num num berry (Carissa bispinosathis or Carissa cornisa) is a wonderful evergreen shrub with edible fruits and large thorns, which makes for a neat hedge.
  • Kraalbos (Galenia africana) is also an effective option to line the paving periphery.

Manmade solutions:

  • Ballards
  • Knee trip poles