Urban Wildlife Islands

Naturescaping is a form of landscaping that promotes the planting of indigenous and native plants to encourage beneficial and local wildlife to coexist with people in an urban environment.

Life Landscapes will take note of what animals are on the property, or what animals the clients would like to attract to the garden, and plant accordingly. Life Landscapes has experienced the benefit of naturescaping as we have looked after bushbabies living on a site in Midrand, and have also preserved a rare species of grass owl on a client’s property by planting beneficial grasses in its habitat.

“I am myself and what is around me; and if I do not save it, it shall not save me.” - Jose Ortegay Gasset

Life Landscapes believes gardens should be safe havens for local urban wildlife, and our employees and directors have extensive knowledge about conservation. By applying the naturescaping method, Life Landscapes can attract chameleons, owls, indigenous bird species, bushbabies, bees, beneficial insect species, birds of prey and indigenous duck species to your property.

owl1Life Landscapes has experience with the following types of wildlife gardens:

    • Bee Gardens
    • Butterfly Gardens
    • Bat Gardens
    • Owl friendly gardens
    • Frog friendly gardens
    • Insect attracting gardens
    • Bird Gardens:
  • Sunbird gardens
  • Fruit-eating bird gardens
  • Seed-eating bird gardens
  • insect-eating bird gardens