Golf Course Maintenance

Life Sports Turf only specialises in Ecocert and Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) golf course maintenance programmes. In general, golf courses are not environmentally-friendly and require an exorbitant amount of water. Traditionally, large amounts of chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides were also used, which would run off into nearby water sources. Progressive golf courses are now finding means of maintaining the grounds using more sustainable gardening methods.

Ecocert Golf Course Maintenance

Ecocert has created an eco-sustainable golf course standard for courses looking to reduce pollution, economise on water and resources, and increase biodiversity.

GEO10 Golf Course Maintenance

Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) was established by the golfing industry to ensure the sport gets recognised as having a positive impact on people and nature.

Eco-friendly Golf Course Maintenance

Now that eagles and birdies mean something more to golfers, and given the new standards set by Ecocert and GEO, we will ensure your greens are on par by:

  • planting indigenous, water-wise trees and plants around the course;
  • reducing pollution on-site;
  • sustainably using organic fertilisers;
  • reducing the use of herbicides and pesticides;
  • ensuring environmentally friendly and sustainable practices are implemented on site, such as worm farms and bokashi composting;
  • installing bird feeders, owl boxes and beehives in safe locations to increase the biodiversity;
  • creating space for wildlife to breed by reducing non-essential lawns
  • limiting the run-off from fertilisers; and
  • removing invasive and non-indigenous trees and shrubs.


We can facilitate the following

  • Laser levelling.
  • Refurbishment of T-boxes, fairways, greens and bunkers. Installation of super sods, such as bentgrass, kikuyu and cynodon.
  • Irrigation and drainage installations and solutions.