Rugby Fields

The South African field standards for rugby require the pitch to be 100 metres in length (excluding the goal-line and the dead ball line). The width can vary but it cannot be greater than 70 metres.

Rugby fields are mostly planted with kikuyu and can be overseeded with an annual rye for aesthetic purposes. The grass is kept at a slightly longer blade length to allow for greater shock absorption.

Rugby field upgrades

Life Sports Turf has done emergency grass treatments at Emirates Airline Park in the 2016 season by placing thick sod cuts where turf peeling was wreaking havoc with play.

In emergencies Life Sports Turf is capable of replacing the grass on the pitch by using extra thick green sod cuts which allows the sports field to be used within in days of the installation.


Rugby field maintenance

Life Sports Turf will set the maintenance routine and supply the following:

  • installations
  • spring treatments
  • irrigation
  • subsurface drainage
  • lawn aerating
  • top dressing and scarifying
  • fertilising
  • weed and fungus control

Pre-match maintenance

Life Sports Turf offers pre and post-match maintenance for rugby fields at schools and for stadiums. The turf technicians will mow the grass, according to the coaches’ specifications, to ensure that the striping is correct, neat and visible. On request Life Sports Turf will lightly water the field for increased shock absorption. At Life Sports Turf we try harder!

Post-match maintenance

Divots will be repaired and field will be aerated where necessary.

“We can change South Africa on the rugby field” - Danie Craven

Rugby field installations

Having worked on most international sporting stadiums in South Africa, Botswana and Gabon, Life Sports Turf is capable of installing a stadium worthy of International Rugby. Through the landscaping division Life Landscapes can maintain and install the grounds around the stadium.

A Life Sports Turf rugby pitch is never off sides.