Tennis Courts

Life Sports Turf is a SALI gold-award winning tennis court manufacturer, specialising in tennis court construction. Life Sports Turf is a specialist when it comes to tennis courts and combi-courts and multi-courts, which cater for tennis, netball, basketball and volleyball. While we can install artificial turf courts, we can also build a variety of different sized hard courts, including the following:

  • 36 by 18 metres
  • 10 by 20 metres
  • 20 by 40 metres
  • 17 by 34 metres
  • 5 by 30 metres


Tennis Court Construction

Life Sports Turf can build a tennis court to suit your property and space. We specialise in both bitumen-based and concrete-based tennis courts, and we can assist with the retaining wall as well as levelling and drainage of the tennis court. Bitumen-based tennis courts are more affordable but require more maintenance, while concrete courts are more durable in the South African climate. We also install fencing, lighting and tennis nets.

Converting a tennis court to a combi-court

Life Sports Turf is a SALI gold-award winning tennis court manufacturer. By slightly adjusting the dimension of a typical tennis court we can make the traditional tennis court fit for, not only tennis but for basketball and netball as well - this is known as a combi court.

Multi-court resurfacing and construction

Life Sports Turf also builds 36 by 18 metre multi-courts, which are made from short blade artificial grass. This court is becoming increasingly popular as it also can be used as a cricket, miniature soccer, basketball, hockey, netball and artificial grass tennis court.


Tennis Court Resurfacing

In addition to tennis court construction, we also specialise in tennis court resurfacing. Tennis courts need to be resurfaced every four to eight years, depending on usage, climate and the type of court. Life Sports Turf can assist with the repair process at an affordable price.

  • Whilst resurfacing your court, we will access the drainage, check for incorrect slope alignment, and ensure there is sufficient compaction to prevent the damming of water that could potentially damage your court
  • We can also convert your existing court into a combi-court (netball, basketball, volleyball or mini-soccer)