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Rise Up! Impact COP 2021

We will build upon the successes and lessons learned during the 2019-2020 Scale up Phase followed by the 2020-2021 Expansion Phase of the Rise Up! Model to maximize our efforts and output moving forward. During the 2021-2022 Impact Phase, we will maintain our nine (9) existing and fully operating sites in Lusaka and the Copperbelt and enhance programming to ensure that HIV+ AGYW are the primary focus and that our strategies to reach this population yield the greatest impact.

We will continue to improve the quality and accessibility of youth friendly services (YFS), engage and retain in care all known and to be identified HIV+ AGYW, improve linkages to HIV testing with enhanced referral and follow-up processes, shift ARV distribution for stable HIV+ AGYW to the community (Rise Up! House and Youth Friendly Spaces), offer psychosocial support and quality PrEP services, and continue to work closely with community partners and stakeholders.

Strategic Partnerships

Rise Up! Impact will be implemented to maximize our focused service delivery within the catchment area of the following clinical sites:

Lusaka District

  • Chawama General Hospital
  • Chilenje General Hospital
  • Matero General Hospital
  • Kanyama General Hospital

Ndola District

  • Chipokata Mayamba Urban Health Centre
  • Masala Urban Health Centre

Kitwe District

  • Chimwemwe Urban Health Centre
  • Ipusukilo Urban Health Centre
  • Buchi Urban Health Centre

Starting in October 2021, the CDU team will initiate Rise Up! which will strengthen the collaboration with members of the Zambian Ministry of Health and the Medical Superintendents of hospitals in Lusaka, Facility In-Charges for clinics in the Copperbelt and the Global HBCU Consortium. For the primary benefit of the HIV+ AGYW, we will enhance our reach and initiate collaboration with other HIV specialists, Neighbourhood Health Committee Leaders, Technical Working Groups, DREAMS, Schools, and community focused organizations.

Empowering Girls for
a better tomorrow

RU! Activities

Clinic-Based Arm:

  • Peer Facilitated Adolescent Friendly HIV and MCH Services
  • Baseline assessment and personalized counselling
  • Management of clinical appointments
  • Expedited triage at clinic service entry point
  • Escorted Referrals
  • Management of Health Care Records
  • Laboratory Work Support

Community-Based Arm:

  • Movie Nights, Games and Sports, Traditional Corner and Gardening
  • Positive Health Support Groups/One-on-One Counselling (for HIV+)
  • ARV Dispensary
  • Sexual Health Education and STI/HIV Prevention
  • Maternal and Child Health Support Groups/ One-on-One Counselling
  • HIV Testing Services
  • Study Hall

Expected Outcomes

During the Rise Up! Impact phase, we will maintain our 5 Rise Up houses and 9 Youth Friendly Services in Lusaka and Copperbelt.  The aim is by September 30, 2022, approximately 90% of AGYW enrolled in the Rise Up! Programs at all nine (9) sites will be retained in care, on ART, and virally suppressed. This will be evidenced by an increased awareness and utilization of PrEP services and counseling among AGYW linked to Rise Up! facilities. This will also be evidenced by a strengthened system of referral between Rise Up!

and DREAMS to increase the proportion of HIV+ AGYW enrolled in Rise Up! and track the number of HIV negative girls referred to DREAMS. Ultimately, health care workers will benefit from an improved capacity to meet the needs of AGYW in terms of mental health, gender-based violence, community engagement, and effective clinical and wrap around service delivery. These outcomes will demonstrate the effectiveness of the Rise Up! Model to improve adherence and retention in care among AGYW living with HIV in Zambia.


Objective 1:

Maintain 5 Houses & Hospital Linkages*- Lusaka (Chawama, Chilenje, Kanyama, Matero) and Copperbelt (Chimwemwe, Chipokota Mayamba, Ipusukilo, Buchi & New Masala)

  • Improve the capacity of hospital to deliver adolescent friendly HIV and MCH Services
  • Enroll 90% of all HIV positive AGYW resident in Rise Up! catchment area
  • Retain 90% of enrolled HIV positive AGYWs on ART
  • Improve the capacity of health care providers to identify and address mental health and wellness needs of at- risk AGYW

Objective 2:

Maintain support of Youth Friendly Spaces in 9 hospitals (4 in Lusaka and 5 in Copperbelt))

  • Address the shortage of trained and dedicated personnel to provide AGYW services.
  • Improve the quality and accessibility of youth friendly services at hospital sites.
  • Maintain the pipeline to Rise Up! Houses.
  • Ensure effectiveness of Differentiated Service Delivery (DSD) model in providing clinical services to AGYW.
  • Increase our Sub-District In-reach to other Health Posts under the facilities RU is implementing programs

Objective 3:

Provide linkage to PrEP Services and Counseling in a private setting for HIV- AGYW.

  • Increase awareness, acceptance and utilization of PrEP services.
  • Implement trainings for hospital and health posts staff to administer PrEP services and counseling.