Student Housing

A recent article states that students in South Africa are facing an accommodation crisis and that universities, technicons, and training institutions are severely struggling to find a way out of this.

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development is a crucial element when it comes to the development of any nation – particularly in a developing country such as South Africa.

Informal Housing

Modular units are truly unique because they are instant living space solutions, making these structures an ideal and innovative resolution to improve living conditions throughout South Africa.

Something About Us

Modular housing is so much more than a sustainable solution with a modern design aesthetic at a cost-effective price. As a growing supplier of modular housing solutions, we believe that modular structures are the answer to the ever-increasing infrastructure challenge developing countries, such as South Africa, face.

News Letter

Honey i shrank the house – and our costs

Jolene Durrheim lives in a 12m shipping container with her husband and two sons. It’s been seven months since the family of four moved into the tiny abode after their home on a smallholding in Plettenberg Bay was razed by the fire that ravaged the seaside town in June. Until they are able to rebuild, the little container — which was meant to be rented out to holiday-makers — is home for the Dur-rheims.

Our mission

This is why SpaceWay International’s mission is to be the leading modular unit manufacturing company in South Africa and the broader African continent. We believe that by continuing to manufacture and deliver the exceptional range of diverse and high-quality infrastructure solutions in our portfolio, our company can make a real and tangible difference in the lives of individuals, families, and entrepreneurs.

Our vision

Apart from providing various industries such as government, educational institutions, and mining with a new, innovative and mobile infrastructure solution, the vision closest to our company’s core is to eradicate informal settlements.

Informal settlements are makeshift structures that aren’t constructed according to approved architectural plans.

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