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About Us

Welcome to Crowie Holdings, a leading holding investment company specialising in integrated property and construction solutions.

About Us

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At the helm of our dynamic operations, Crowie Holdings has charted an impressive growth trajectory, strategically acquiring interests across the entire spectrum.

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Our diverse portfolio incorporates project management, property development, property management, and construction-focused subsidiaries.

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Our Services

Property Development

Dive into the world of Property Development where visionary planning and architectural innovation converge. Our developments redefine urban landscapes and set new benchmarks.

Development Management

Uncover the art of Development Management as we guide projects from conceptualisation to completion and handover. Our expertise transforms ideas into tangible, thriving developments.


Discover our proficiency in construction, where precision meets innovation. From groundbreaking projects to meticulous execution, our construction services exemplify the pinnacle of industry standards.

Facilities Management

Elevate your property’s operational efficiency through our facilities management services. We specialise in creating environments that optimise functionality and enhance user experience.

Property Asset Management

We can optimise the performance of your property portfolio with our asset management expertise. We tailor strategies to maximise returns and ensure long-term value.

Property Management

Trust our comprehensive Property Management Services as we safeguard your investments, enhance property value, and provide a seamless experience for both owners and tenants.